So living in Sweden, quickly became just living in Sweden. No longer a kind of extended holiday. It became my life and not something to really write home about. So that was why the blogs stopped.

Since the last blog I went to Prague, started my new school year meeting all my new colleagues,visited Fasterbo, a pretty town south of Malmo, Vienna for a professional development course, then headed to the Netherlands for an amazing week, before returning for my first real Halloween party (i.e. one thrown by an American – thanks Wesley!). I went home for Christmas and got to see Em and Park as well as my family. I came back and got sent to the Netherlands for a different PD, and then headed to Portugal for the first school holidays. Then I went home for Felicity’s wedding in March, which was just so lovely, before coming back and going to Oslo to catch up with Malcolm for the weekend. The next holidays it was Berlin to catch up with Merren, before attending another Eurovision in Copenhagen and then it was busy, busy getting ready to the move to Singapore. In between everything we had fun birthday parties and nights out, many movie dates and after school fikas. Tegan and I joined the gym and improved our fitness impressively (although I need to start all over again). Romina, Wesley and I coordinated an extremely successful School Party, as a dress up, quiz night, and Mimi took me to many places, including IKEA to add our own touch to our apartment, the football and a roller derby and continued to introduce me to all the Swedish food and customs. So as you can see with all of that, plus watching as much Netflix as I could before I had to leave the country, there just hasn’t been time to write any more blogs.

Leaving Sweden

Leaving Sweden was sad. In many ways it felt like the community of friends I had made was really starting to become much closer, especially in the last 6 months and then I had to say goodbye.

After some big goodbye parties and being spoilt ridiculously rotten it was time to go. The apartment was clean, my stuff had been shipped and I was living from a spartan collection of holiday clothes and rapidly trying to eat all my leftover food from the fridge as well as my collection of frozen meals. Then it was time. Walking out of Lund for the last time felt funny. I knew I would be back in a bit over a month to close my bank account and the idea that this would be the last time I don’t think really sunk in. Too much other stuff to do. Which leads me onto….

(The reason I actually split this blog post was not only was it really too long, but that I am terrible at cutting down my photo choice – so here we go!)

Vienna with Romina – For work!

IMG_4096 IMG_3963 IMG_4044 IMG_4032 IMG_4177 IMG_4053

The Netherlands with Lotta – Utrecht & Amsterdam

IMG_4579 IMG_4530 IMG_4360 IMG_4837 IMG_4790 IMG_4758 IMG_4686 IMG_4588

Halloween, Fasterbo & Ikea

photo-16 IMG_3871 IMG_3837photo 1-3photo 2-3photo 1-3


IMG_5059 photo-17


Portugal – Porto, Lisbon & Sintra

IMG_5941 IMG_5355 IMG_5425 IMG_5584 IMG_5769 IMG_6358 IMG_6442 IMG_6483 IMG_6989 IMG_6982 IMG_6974 IMG_6597 IMG_6661 IMG_6664 IMG_6702


Felicity & Karl’s Wedding

IMG_7442 IMG_7622 IMG_7599 IMG_7522

Oslo with Malcolm

IMG_7919 IMG_7750 IMG_7741 IMG_7730 IMG_7721 IMG_7712

Germany with Merren – Munich & Berlin

IMG_7966 IMG_8092 IMG_8071 IMG_8193 IMG_8179 IMG_8223 IMG_8284 IMG_8367 IMG_8408 IMG_8416 IMG_8418 IMG_8463 IMG_8480 IMG_8657 IMG_8698 IMG_8719

Eurovision with Vildana & Romina

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3-4 photo 2-4 photo 1-4photo 3



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